Bulan lepas negara kita gempar dengan kes seorang imam dan juga pensyarah dari Palestin, Dr Fadi M R Albasth Fatma ditembak semasa mangsa daalam perjalanan ke surau untuk solat Subuh.

Walaupun kejadian masih dalam siasatan, ramai bersimpati terhadap isteri dan anak-anak mangsa yang kehilangan seorang ketua keluarga. Isteri allahyarham Dr Fadi ada meluahkan luahan hatinya yang agak sayu apabila dibaca.

Luahan itu dikongsi oleh seorang pensyarah, Isfadiah Mohd Dasuki, yang memuatnaik di akaun laman Instagram miliknya semalam.

Kata-kata yang menusuk kalbu

“The decision of the matter, before and after (these events) is only with Allah .. When I got married in 2006, and Allah blessed me with being a wife of Fadi, I remember back then how I did enjoy my time with him, my life was dignified, full of happiness and kindness. I lived in an independent house with a loving husband who looked after me and was keen about my feelings and future. But one thing left that was narrowing my life and made it difficult, the delay in procreation. So, I kept praying day and night and raising my hands to Allah to bless me with good children, I used to pray saying (O my Lord, leave me not single (childless), though You are the Best of inheritors). and (O Lord, Grant me from You, a good offspring. You are indeed the All-Hearer of invocation) and (O Lord, Grant me (offspring) from the righteous). I kept praying for four and half years. Till I moved from Gaza to KL in 2011, and then, Allah responded to my prayers and gave me in Malaysia 3 of the children who are indeed the adornments of this life. They gave our lives another taste and earned a distinctive color. But again, something left that made my life difficult, I was far away from my Home (Gaza), family and those who I love. So, I prayed and prayed and kept calling Allah to gather us again in Home and reunion our family. And after 7 years of praying I got the chance to get back Home, But this time I lost the greatest thing in my life, my beloved amazing husband, who filled my life with love and kindness. So I prayed to Allah to give me patience, strengthen my heart and gather me with Fadi in the Firdous of Jannah.

As if these fluctuations and changes that I have experienced in my life, are lessons from Allah that this life in Dunya will never be perfect, it’s a place where we are always under testing. Because if I got everything I want, I will forget the delight and pleasure of begging for His generosity and seeking refuge by Him. But whenever I got something, I lose another thing, and when I lose something, Allah compensate me with something else.

Allah has taught me the boon of keep holding by His generosity.”

Semoga allahyarham ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang yang beriman dan isteri allahyarham tabah menghadapi dugaan dariNya.

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